Meet Our Team: Ken Tiscornia

Ken Tiscornia

Senior Vice President, Client Solutions

Ken Tiscornia has spent nearly two decades in healthcare, with a focus on delivering valuable information to patients and measurable results to providers and healthcare brands. At PatientPoint, Ken helps patients live better lives by providing information at the point of care to help them understand and treat their medical conditions.

“Living better lives” is a recurrent professional and personal theme for Ken. At PatientPoint, he is part of a team that is the acknowledged leader in patient engagement at the point of care – delivering award-winning healthcare education and sponsorship messages on a variety of platforms in exam and waiting rooms.

Personally, Ken believes leading a better life is intimately tied to enjoying every moment of every day. “Give it all you got,” he says. “You never know when you’re going to get a chance again.”

The best advice he’s ever gotten? Relationships last forever. That’s why he values the connections he’s made within the industry over the past 20 years.

And that’s why he values his personal relationships, including his wife of 16 years and his 11-year-old daughter –  who he looks forward to walking down the aisle someday.

Ken and his family live in New Jersey, valuing its proximity to Manhattan and the booming pharma industry. That also just happens to be the home of his beloved football team, the New York Giants.

While he loves traveling with his family, he is always thrilled to return to Jersey. “It’s home,” he says. “It’s where I love to be.”