Inspiring Innovation: Expert Insights on Marketing Challenges

At Digital Pharma East in October, PatientPoint Chief Client Officer Linda Ruschau and Chief Analytics Officer Scott Nesbitt presented a compelling session, “Inspire Innovation by Integrating Analytics into Multichannel Marketing.” After the session, Linda and Scott were featured in Digital Pharma Spotlight videos where they shared additional insights into the pharma marketing industry and its challenges.

Watch the videos above, or read on for Linda and Scott’s insights:

What industry trends have you been thinking a lot about lately?

Linda: I’m excited about trying to find ways to drive better dialogue between patients and physicians, because if we know we do that, we can drive better health outcomes for patients, more productive visits for physicians and ultimately, even better results for my clients.

Scott: What’s most interesting to me about this space is the transformation of the physician office, particularly the exam room, from solely paper-based products and pharmaceutical flyers into a more digital landscape with touchscreens, tablets and mobile phones. These all allow patients more opportunity for education, more flexibility to understand where they are in their own patient journey and more information that allows them to start conversations with their physicians.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in driving better dialogue between patients and physicians?

Linda: It is hard to be a doctor right now, with electronic medical records… remember the old days where there were lots of charts? They have less time, more patients to see, more prevention driving costs down from insurance companies, and you have patients who are getting information from all these other resources—they come in online, they’ve seen a TV ad. It’s just a very difficult environment right now for both the doctors and the patients.

What do you think is the biggest challenge created by the digital transformation of the physician office?

Scott: There are certainly a number of challenges that come with the digital transformation of physicians’ offices. In terms of economics, the equipment is not inexpensive since you’re putting touchscreens or tablets in physician offices. The real change is having systems that are much more heavily involved. It’s no longer a few offices that marketers are selling to, it’s 80, 100, 200 offices where you have to have a consistent program with consistent branding for a system, as well as provide information that’s useful for the patient. So the speed of the acceleration, the equipment and working with systems would probably be our biggest challenges.

What’s a recent conference insight you’d like to share?

Linda: I really get excited about what I get to do every day, that’s what gets me up in the morning, is knowing that we’re providing better education to patients and doctors. At this conference we’re seeing how information is becoming much more accessible and instantaneous and available to patients. So I think there are a lot of new breakthroughs coming that are going to make that whole interaction much more positive.

Scott: The most important thing for physicians to understand is that you are there to support better outcomes and help patients be more satisfied with their experience in the physician office. Providing tools that are faster, easier or clearer for the physician to communicate with leads to better satisfaction. With technology, you have faster wait times and the doctor can use some of the tools, for instance 3D anatomicals that can be drawn on and emailed, to help the patient get a better understanding of their disease state, increasing both education and long-term health outcomes.