Health Information When and Where You Need It Most

Where do you go to stay abreast of industry news and research?

According to a recent article published by Medical Marketing & Media, physicians largely rely on medical journals for clinical information, but that changes significantly when they have 10 minutes or less. In these “I need information now” scenarios, a large number of physicians turn to the web.

In fact, the article reports 70 percent of healthcare providers search for medical information online daily, and an astounding 46 percent of oncologists use online search engines at least four times per day.

But with the thousands of results a simple web search provides, how can you be sure you are sourcing the best information in 10 minutes or less?

At PatientPoint, we know how valuable time is for physicians, so we created better information-delivery tools. To eliminate time spent searching and vetting web results, we bring the top news directly to physicians through our PatientPoint Access and PatientPoint 360° solutions.

PatientPoint Access is a medical news program that streams the latest medical and practice management news—plus custom content for your practice—in a digestible format on a wall-mounted screen in your back offices. News and research summaries from top peer-reviewed journals help you stay on top of industry trends, while local weather and health indices help you better assess and treat your patients.

Taking PatientPoint Access a step further, real-time medical news is now available on your tablet or smartphone with PatientPoint 360°, our new mobile app for physicians. We know you don’t always have time to read full articles, so we designed PatientPoint 360° to keep you in the know with just a quick glance, whether you are in the office, exam room, or even at home catching up on the latest healthcare news.

Let us save you time by bringing the top medical news to you, when and where you need it most. Contact us today to learn about adding PatientPoint Access and PatientPoint 360° to your medical practice.