Meet Our New VP of Client Solutions, Ginna Gentzen

Ginna Gentzen

Vice President, Client Solutions

Passionate about empowering patients with information to make informed decisions at the moment of impact.

 Ginna, vice president of client solutions at PatientPoint, strongly believes in the point-of-care industry. So strongly, that she joined the PatientPoint team in September 2016 after years of working in a variety of roles for several pharmaceutical companies. To her new role, she brings a fiery spirit, a passion for empowering patients and a team-oriented approach.

Ginna brings nearly 20 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience and a passion for health education. She most recently served as a marketing consultant for Lundbeck, and has held similar roles at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Abbott and TAP pharmaceuticals. Her unique background of client and agency experience at McCann Torre Lazur and Swift Media Group makes her an extremely valuable resource to brands and agencies alike.

Ginna has worked in both professional and patient categories with experience in multiple disease states and products, including Biaxin antibiotics, Actos for diabetes, prostate cancer and endometriosis. Along the way, she also championed programs to improve the patient experience by supporting important health issues. In one such case, she spearheaded a program to connect epilepsy patients and caregivers with those newly diagnosed with the condition. Against the odds, Gentzen was able to push the program through the regulatory process, and the program still exists today.

So, why does Ginna feel so passionately about the point of care? “I worked with PatientPoint as a client and saw firsthand the positive business impact that comes from working with them in point of care. At TAP, we were pioneers in using PatientPoint (then Healthy Advice) to outsmart versus outspend our competition. Their integrity of metrics and marketing savvy always stood out and I’m excited to share that success with my clients,” Ginna said. “I truly believe and now advise clients that if you’re not at the point of care, you’re missing one of the key opportunities to drive meaningful engagement and showcase your brand.”

When she’s not at work, Ginna can be found in her Chicago neighborhood running, playing tennis or biking to swimming classes with her husband, Shane, and her children, Brooke, 8, and Jake, 5. She loves Chicago because she can walk everywhere from her neighborhood and she has deep roots—16 years—in the community.

Ginna strikes the delicate balance that many strive for—pursuing her passion while maintaining an active presence in her family life. And, she does it all with a smile on her face.